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Activist backs down on money laundering accusations against Raffi Ahmad

Jakarta Globe - February 6, 2024

Wahyu Sahala Tua, Jakarta – Anti-corruption activist Hanifa Sutrisna denied having accused Raffi Ahmad of money laundering despite an earlier video appearance in which he urged law agencies to investigate the celebrity tycoon.

In the latest video message published on Monday, Hanafi, chairman of the non-governmental group National Corruption Watch, clarified that he didn't make any accusation against Raffi.

He argued that he only "amplified incoming reports" to the organization about suspected money laundering activities involving the media personality.

"What I said is that there are alleged money laundering activities committed by a celebrity with the initial R. I'm not accusing anyone of anything, I just articulated incoming public tipoffs," Hanifa said in the video.

"If we don't articulate public reports, the credibility of this organization will be questionable," he added.

His remarks came after a furious Raffi held a news conference and challenged the NGO to attend and disclose the perceived "evidence" supporting its claims to the public.

"We invited them to this conference, and I want to see their faces. We dare them to bring the evidence here. But, where are they? Hello, National Corruption Watch, where are your people? You said you have the evidence, so come here and show us," Raffi said during the occasion.

However, Hanifa said he has no interest in participating in a "pointless debate". "Let law enforcement officials settle this issue," he said.

Raffi, 36, has hosted many popular TV shows and starred in TV series and several movies, while also releasing music singles during his stretch as a successful entertainer.

His businesses include restaurant chains and ownerships of sports teams such as RANS PIK Basketball Team, Indonesia RANS Nusantara Football Club, and Indonesia Pertamina Mandalika Moto2 SAG Racing Team.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/lifestyle/activist-backs-down-on-money-laundering-accusations-against-raffi-ahma