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Military exercise, close cooperation proof of strong Malaysia-Indonesia diplomatic defence relations

Jakarta Post - October 30, 2023

Kuala Lumpur – The cooperation and success of the Malindo Kekar Exercise, which has been carried out by the Malaysian Army (TDM) and the Indonesian National Army (TNI) since a long time ago, underscores the strong diplomatic defence ties between the two countries.

Commander of the 5th Malaysian Infantry Division, Maj Gen Datuk Malek Razak Sulaiman said that bilateral exercises have long been carried out in a reciprocal manner, which strengthened the defence relationship of the two countries through the sharing of knowledge, experience and skills.

He said the nine-day exercise in Tawau and Kalabakan this time showed both countries to be on high alert and eager to share information with each other.

"Through the exercise, we can also foster a spirit of brotherhood, able to exchange opinions, discuss and find consensus in carrying out training and joint operations involving both countries for the common good," he said after closing the Malindo Kekar Exercise Series 46AB/2023 here Sunday (Oct 29).

According to Malek Razak, the differences in background, culture and language did not stop the 76 officers and 766 personnel of TDM and TNI from working together and make a success of the exercise, which started on Oct 23.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Staff of Kodam VI Mulawarman, Brig Gen TNI Susilo, also hoped that cooperation in the exercise would be increased and continue in the future for bilateral benefit between Malaysia and Indonesia.

One of the participants, who is also the Commanding Officer of the 26th Royal Malay Regiment, Lt Col Mohd Zahirin Zainoll Abidin said the exercise provided a lot of useful knowledge in understanding the language, culture and background of the military force of neighbouring countries to better agree on joint actions.

Captain of the 613 Raja Alam Infantry, Tarakan Indonesia, Dea Ardi Wibowo said the exercise allowed him to make new friends at the same time learn war tactics from from the Malaysian army. (Bernama)

Source: https://asianews.network/military-exercise-close-cooperation-proof-of-strong-malaysia-indonesia-diplomatic-defence-relations