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Wildfire engulfs 910 hectares of land at Mount Lawu

Tempo - October 3, 2023

Septia Ryanthie, Jakarta – The wildfire at Mount Lawu this afternoon has spread to Karanganyar Regency, Central Java, as confirmed by the Head of Karanganyar Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Juli P.H.

"The wildfire has indeed spread to Karanganyar region," Juli said when called on Monday.

Juli mentioned that the biggest spots of fire at Mount Lawu were located at Jenawi, Ngargoyoso, and Tawangmangu. According to Juli, the wildfire has taken a form that could be likened to a ring. The fire has burned three peaks across 910 hectares of land.

"Three peaks were burned, namely the exterminated Hargo Dumilah Peak, Hargo Dalem Peak which were burned in parts, and Hargo Tiling Peak," Juli added.

BPBD Karanganyar has conducted a meeting to discuss the measures to manage the fire to prevent it from spreading further. The agency also deployed fifteen of its personnel to observe the situation at the wildfire location. The personnel were joined by military members, police, and volunteers.

"To extinguish the fire, a number of personnel has been deployed to the location with minimal tools and establishing pillars [to prevent spreading]," Juli informed.

However, Juli added, extinguishing the fire proved to be a challenge due to the landscape of the area and strong winds. Juli also ensured that no casualties were caused by the wildfire, and no activities were disrupted by the fire since the location is far away from settlements.

Only three stalls were engulfed in the flame, Juli said. "Mrs. Yem's stall is safe. Only Mr. Giyat, Mr. Jenggot, and Mr. Wahyu's stalls were demolished in the fire," Juli concluded.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1778822/wildfire-engulfs-910-hectares-of-land-at-mount-law