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Peak Islamic body rejects British band Coldplay over support for LGBT people

Tribunnews.com - May 20, 2023

Rina Ayu, Jakarta – Opposition to Coldplay holding a concert in Indonesia has again been raised by Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) Chairperson for Islamic cultural arts and civilisation, KH Jeje Zaenudin.

As previous stated by MUI Deputy Chairperson Anwar Abbas, he rejects a concert being held in Indonesia by the British based band because Coldplay supports Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people.

"It should be that any concerts and activities that contradict the noble values and philosophy of life adopted by the Indonesian people must be rejected. LGBT lifestyle and campaigns clearly contradict the philosophy, constitution and culture of the nation", said Kyai (Islamic cleric) Zaenudin in a statement on Saturday May 20.

The An-Nahla al-Islamiy pesantren (Islamic boarding school) leader is also asking promoters to consider carefully before deciding to invite performers to Indonesia.

Consider whether or not the music group, figures or artistic players, and so forth, which are to be invited, have a track record that has the potential to be morally controversial if they appear in public.

"Public opinion and mutual benefit must be the main consideration aside from other factors", he explained.

Zaenudin continued saying if they get permission to perform they must be able to guarantee that the concert will not portray LGBT symbols.

"And if it turns out that the implementation of this commitment is violated, what is the guarantee of sanctions?", asked the Chairperson of the Jakarta Islamic Association College of Islamic Religion (STAIPI).

Zaenudin is also hoping for an increase in concerts that contain educational values and positive motivations for the young generation of the nation.

"So it's not just thinking about a hobby and following the hedonic pleasure trends of certain circles", he added.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Tolak Konser Coldplay Karena LGBT, MUI Sarankan Perbanyak Konser Musik yang Mengandung Edukasi".]

Source: https://www.tribunnews.com/nasional/2023/05/20/tolak-konser-coldplay-karena-lgbt-mui-sarankan-perbanyak-konser-musik-yang-mengandung-edukas