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Indofood pushes limits of fusion cuisine with ice cream topped with instant noodles

Straits Times - April 10, 2023

Raul Dancel, Singapore – Some ice cream after a meal of instant noodles is always welcome, but mashed up and served together?

That is exactly what an Indonesian food manufacturing giant has done, topping a cone of ice cream with a sprinkling of its best-selling Indomie instant noodle.

Indofood's limited edition mish-mash is aimed at the country's more adventurous teens and young adults.

TikTok user and foodie Jessica Effendy took things a step further by adding cooked noodles, fried egg and chilli sauce to the ice cream. Her odd concoction may not be for everyone, but the post has got more than 2.5 million views on social media platform TikTok.

To be clear, Indofood said on its Instagram page: "Not a prank, not April Fools."

Indofood Ice Cream senior brand manager Leni Damayanty said the Indomie variant of the ChocRocks Cone ice cream is being released as a limited edition brand. It will be on sale only from April 1 to April 24, she added.

She said this Indomie ice cream combination is meant for teenagers and young adults "who are always exploring, looking for new things and trends, and enjoying special moments".

So, how does it taste? Ms Effendy said the ice cream tastes less like Indomie goreng and more like mocha.

Indofood, on its Instagram page, said the ice cream is meant to have a "creamy, sweet and savoury taste". "The taste is really unique," said Instagram user Tasikmalaya.

She said she found it "suitable" for breaking the fast, just before "iftar", the main meal of the fasting day after evening prayer and sunset.

Commenting on Ms Effendy's TikTok page, ellalovee said: "I've tried it. It's really delicious."

Many others, though, remained unconvinced. A user with the nickname Urprettygirl_54 said: "There's still a bit of the noodle taste".

Others took a light-hearted approach. "Add rice," said one online user reverie_37.

Another, Zans bukan sans, suggested "mixing it with chicken curry noodles".

Indofood said this is the first official Indomie ice cream, but it is not the first time someone has tried mashing Indomie goreng and ice cream.

Two years ago, Ho Jiak Haymarket, a Malaysian restaurant in Sydney, introduced its "crossover" Indomie goreng ice cream.

At about the same time, the ice cream store Holi Ice Cream claimed to have been the first to roll out an Indomie goreng-flavoured ice cream that it topped with fried shallots.

The reactions to these two were about the same as those to the latest incarnation of the Indomie ice cream – try it at least once, but be prepared to either love it or hate it.

Source: https://asianews.network/indofood-pushes-limits-of-fusion-cuisine-with-ice-cream-topped-with-instant-noodles