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Full vaccination coverage low among adults in Java's three provinces

Antara News - June 3, 2022

Hreeloita Dharma S, Suharto, Jakarta – COVID-19 full vaccination coverage among older adults in three provinces in Java is still lower than that of other provinces, a spokesman stated.

"It is also important to focus on protecting vulnerable groups. One of them is older adults," government spokesperson for COVID-19 handling Wiku Adisasmito noted in an online press conference on the development of COVID-19 handling in Indonesia, on Thursday.

Although the COVID-19 cases have eased, the threat of the coronavirus persists, Adisasmito cautioned.

The three provinces with the lowest vaccination coverage among older adults are Banten, with 68.9 percent; Central Java, 67.4 percent; and East Java, 64.1 percent.

The low coverage of full vaccination against COVID-19 presents significant risk since older adults are one of the groups that run the greatest risk of contracting the coronavirus, and its significant impacts including severe symptoms due to comorbidity, he remarked.

He highlighted the need to increase full vaccination coverage to offer as wide protection as possible to vulnerable groups in addition to periodically monitoring their antibody levels in the fight against the virus.

The results of a survey conducted by the Health Ministry in March 2022 showed the antibodies in Indonesian people in all age groups reached 99.2 percent, generated both from vaccination and virus infection, he stated.

The survey also revealed the highest increase in antibodies, at 21.8 percent, was recorded among those in the age group of one to 11 years, while the antibodies of people aged above 60 years rose by 7.6 percent.

"To that end, once again, I would like to remind the entire community and the government to not become negligent and to remain vigilant during the pandemic. The WHO has not lifted the COVID-19 status worldwide, although the curve of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia has flattened," he remarked.

Source: https://en.antaranews.com/news/232317/full-vaccination-coverage-low-among-adults-in-javas-three-province