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Police on the hunt for nude motorcyclist in East Java's Sidoarjo

Coconuts Jakarta - September 17, 2021

The moon shone bright in the East Java city of Sidoarjo yesterday evening, and we're not talking about Earth's natural satellite. We're talking about some dude's ass.

The man, who's yet to be identified, reportedly drove his Honda Vario scooter recklessly sans clothing, helmet, and face mask on Tanggulangin street from the direction of Porong district to downtown Sidoarjo.

A 46-second clip of the nude motorcyclist has circulated widely on social media, as filmed by Sidoarjo resident Dodik Tri Arifandi. Dodik and several others were waiting at the railway crossing as they waited for the train to pass, when the nudist started making his way from behind (no pun intended) and swerved the tight spaces between other riders.

"I was so shocked when I was overtaken by the nude motorcyclist. Because I was curious, I went after him. I told him [about his violations] but he didn't respond to me," Dodik said.

Though other drivers at the scene saw the naked man, Dodik said no one else had rebuked him. By the time it was safe to cross the railway, Dodik said he gave the nudist a chase to no avail, as the latter accelerated and zoomed ahead.

Musran, who heads the crime unit at Tanggulangin sub-precinct, said that authorities are gathering statements from other witnesses at the location. His unit will work with East Java Police's Traffic Directorate to try and locate the man, whose plate numbers were clearly visible in the viral video.

"We haven't decided whether or not to sanction the naked man who was riding the motorcycle. We will investigate it first, [to determine] if the person was depressed or if he deliberately did that," Musran said.

If convicted, the nude motorcyclist could face up to 10 years in prison or pay a IDR10 billion (US$702,728) fine for violating articles under Indonesia's harsh Pornography Law.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/police-on-the-hunt-for-nude-motorcyclist-in-east-javas-sidoarjo