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Graft suspect, former fugitive Djoko Tjandra gets reduced jail time

Tempo - August 20, 2021

Caesar Akbar, Jakarta – The notorious Bank Bali graft case convict, Djoko Tjandra, received a two month remission from the Law and Human Rights Ministry on Indonesia's 76th independence day commemoration.

"Yes, [it is] the first clemency for convict Joko Tjandra who met the requirement to receive the 2021 general clemency," the ministry's correctional directorate general Rika Aprianti confirmed in a statement on Thursday, August 19.

Djoko Tjandra, who once made headlines after law enforcers named him a fugitive who fled the country, is currently undergoing prison time in Jakarta's Salemba Class IIA correctional based on the verdict handed by the Indonesian Supreme Court No. 12/K/PID.SUS/2009 in June 2009.

Rika Aprianti explained that Law No. 12/1995 Article 14 (1) on corrections allows the graft suspect eligible for annual clemency under Government Regulation No. 28/2006.

Article 34 (3) of Government Regulation No. 28/2006 states that convicts of terrorism, narcotics, corruption, state security crimes, severe human rights violations, and organized transnational crimes can receive clemency if they meet the requirements, one of which is being well-behaved and underwent one-third prison sentence.

Djoko Tjandra was sentenced to two years and six months imprisonment for a Rp904 billion Bank Bali transfer of billing rights. He was also charged 4.5 years behind bars for bribing officials to overturn his 'red notice' status but the court reduced the sentence to only 3.5 years.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1496556/graft-suspect-former-fugitive-djoko-tjandra-gets-reduced-jail-tim