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Police probe alleged cartel in Covid-19 cremation services

Tempo - July 21, 2021

Andita Rahma, Jakarta – Head of the National Police criminal investigation unit, Gen. Commissioner Agus Andrianto on Wednesday said authorities are investigating information regarding an alleged cremation cartel for bodies of Covid-19 patients.

Agus urged the public to immediately file a report if they find people trying to exploit the cremation industry amidst the pandemic.

"Please, let's collectively hold out hands to help reduce society's weight committed by traitors looking to profit from the pandemic," said the police commissioner.

Reports on alleged groups charging high prices for Covid-19 body cremations were voiced by people in social media and public figures such as renowned lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea.The lawyer said in his Instagram post "Someone reported this to me, saying that cremation is charged with a hefty Rp 45 million fee, and Rp25 million for caskets, Rp7.5 million for transportation, and Rp2.5 million for other fees," Hotman Paris said in his video post on the social media platform on July 21.

"This means a relative of a Covid-19 victim has to pay Rp80 million for a cremation. Could you still smile receiving the money above other people's misery."

The lawyer then urged the Indonesian National Police to investigate the alleged blackmail by certain cremation service providers.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1485586/police-probe-alleged-cartel-in-covid-19-cremation-service