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Traffic police to enforce demerit points system with license suspension or cancellation as penalty

Coconuts Jakarta - June 3, 2021

Could this be the scheme that finally brings order to Indonesia's chaotic roads? We're not holding our breath, but the traffic police certainly think a demerit points system is the way forward.

The National Police has issued new regulations on driver's licenses (SIM), which would see the imminent enforcement of a demerit points system.

Under the scheme, drivers who accumulate 12 points may have their SIM suspended until the traffic court orders them to pass a driving exam and get their SIM back. Drivers who accumulate 18 points will have their SIM cancelled. They may retake driving classes and an exam to obtain a new SIM after the conclusion of a suspension period determined by the court.

The biggest penalty, worth 12 demerit points, is given to drivers who, intentionally or through their neglect, crash their vehicles and cause death or serious injuries to others. One rung below that, we have penalties for intentional dangerous driving that causes property damage, as well as drivers who don't report crashes to the police, which are worth 10 demerit points each.

Other penalties include causing minor injuries to others through neglectful driving (5 points), driving without a license (5 points), driving with fake number plates (3 points), driver and/or front seat passenger not wearing their seat belts (1 point), and turning without indicating (1 point).

Read this article for a full list of penalties under the demerit points system (in Indonesian).

The police have yet to outline details on whether or not points can be reduced or reset over a certain period of time.

It's not clear exactly when the scheme will be implemented throughout Indonesia's roads, but the National Police says it has informed all regional traffic divisions about the new rules and they are preparing for enforcement in the near future.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/traffic-police-to-enforce-demerit-points-system-with-license-suspension-or-cancellation-as-penalty