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ITE law revision: Team gathers input from people tangled by the law

Tempo - March 3, 2021

Amirullah, Jakarta – The Information and Electronics Transactions (ITE Law) review team reportedly completed gathering inputs from people who were both reported using the law and people who filed a report under the law.

Head of the ITE Law revision team leader Sugeng Purnomo, in a virtual discussion, hoped that the aforementioned data would be discussed further in the discussion on March 2 and future meetings scheduled to be held next week.

The team said it will later gather inputs from activists, civilians, practitioners, and press associations.

The virtual meeting was also attended by people who were reported to the police under the ITE Law such as Muhammad Arsyad, Ravio Patra, Prita Mulyasari, Yahdi Basma, and Teddy Sukardi. Meanwhile, the people who were in the meeting who had previously filed an ITE Law police complaint were Alvin Lie, Nikita Mirzani, Dewi Tanjung, and Muannas Al Aidid.

This meeting is meant to extract crucial input from both sides of the pond of the ITE Law – which is a law considered by many to have an overly broad interpretation – and saw each of the aforementioned people voice their views on the law.

Celebrity Nikita Mirzani argued that she does not agree for a total eradication of the law and urges police to swiftly act on the police complaints meanwhile head of the Cyber Indonesia Muannas Alaidid reminded the government to take extra precautions upon revising the law.

Contrast to Muannas and Nikita, an activist who was once charged under ITE law, Ravio Patra, argues that the law should have created order and discipline instead of creating chaos among society after he was accused of being a spy for a foreign country. "If I reacted to [the multiple accusations] by reporting them to the police, an entire country's population would eventually be imprisoned," said Ravio.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1438310/ite-law-revision-team-gathers-input-from-people-tangled-by-the-la