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One inmate killed, 20 alleged provocateurs arrested in North Sulawesi prison riot

Jakarta Post - April 14, 2020

Agustinus Hari, Manado – A riot that broke out at Manado Penitentiary in North Sulawesi over the weekend has killed one inmate, while another has been hospitalized after being shot by a rubber bullet and 20 alleged provocateurs have been arrested.

The riot broke out on Saturday afternoon, allegedly triggered by visitation restrictions and early release of inmates amid COVID-19 concerns, culminating in a massive fire that razed parts of the prison complex.

The head of the Law and Human Rights Ministry office in North Sulawesi, Lumaksono, said on Monday that he had got confirmation from the hospital that the cause of death of the inmate was not COVID-19.

"When the riot broke out, and the authorities were taking control of the situation, he was shocked. His blood pressure level showed 190," he said on Monday evening in Manado.

Lumaksono added that the inmate was also having difficulty breathing. "It is the temporary result of his autopsy. We'll figure out the official result 14 days later," he said.

The inmate had been buried at a cemetery in Telling Atas subdistrict, Manado, by the Catholic Church Union.

Earlier reports said the inmate was Filipino, but Lumaksono confirmed on Monday that the inmate was an Indonesian citizen from Sangihe – a regency in North Sulawesi.

He also confirmed that another inmate who had been unintentionally shot by a rubber bullet was in a better condition in the hospital.

As soon as the situation had calmed down, North Sulawesi Police arrested at least 20 inmates who had allegedly instigated the riot.

"They are now being interrogated by the police," said North Sulawesi Police public relations division head Sr. Comr. Jules Abbas on Monday, adding that they would be returned to the penitentiary as soon as the investigation had concluded.

As of Monday, there had been no official statement from the authorities as to what the cause of the riot was. (asp)

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2020/04/14/one-inmate-killed-20-alleged-provocateurs-arrested-in-north-sulawesi-prison-riot.html