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Ministry to recruit 25,000 millennials for national defense program

Jakarta Post - February 21, 2020

Jakarta – The Defense Ministry has set a target to recruit a total of 25,000 young people for the military reserve component program. The reserve could be deployed to defend the country.

"That's our target. However, whether we will reach the target or not depends on the budget," the ministry's defense potential director general Bondan Tiara Sofyan said on Thursday, as quoted by kompas.com.

She added that the enlistment of civilians for the military reserve component program was stipulated in Law No. 23/2019 on the management of national resources for state defense. According to the law, the military reserve is to be prepared for mobilization to strengthen the Indonesian Military (TNI) in dealing with military threats.

However, Bondan said civilian recruitment for the reserve program would wait for the issuance of a government regulation that is currently being deliberated at the State Secretariat.

"The regulation is in the final phase of deliberation at the State Secretariat. Once it is finished, we will disseminate [the information on recruitment] immediately," the director general said.

The ministry plans to spread recruitment information on social media, targeting millennials aged 18 to 35. Bondan said her office would determine the requirements to be fulfilled by participants.

"Those who pass the selection phase will participate in basic military training for three months. If they pass the training, they will be inaugurated as members of the reserve component program. After that, they will be allowed to return to their original profession," she went on to say.

Bondan added that the ministry would provide pocket money, personal equipment and health and life insurance for participants. (hol)

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2020/02/21/ministry-to-recruit-25000-millennials-for-national-defense-program.html