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Indonesian film 'lima' invited to Kazan festival

Jakarta Globe - January 27, 2020

Asni Ovier, Jakarta – Indonesian film "Lima" has been invited to the 16th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival in the Russian Federation state of Tatarstan scheduled for September.

Film director Lola Amaria received the invitation from Tatarstan Culture Minister Irada Ayupova.

Lola was in the Tatarstan capital of Kazan together with leading actor Baskara Mahendra in the weekend to present "Lima" at the Mir Cinema, where spectators exceeded the cinema's capacity of 200 seats.

Afterwards, she met with Minister Ayupova and Indonesian Deputy Ambassador to Russia Azis Nurwahyudi.

"We kindly invite director Lola Amaria to participate in the Kazan International Muslim Film Festival," Ayupova said during the meeting at her office.

Ayupova said the Muslim film festival aimed to promote inter-religions tolerance, traditional values, dedication to the homeland, respect for the elderly and love for children. The annual event will present more than 500 films from 50 countries, she added.

Azis Nurwahyudi said after the meeting that Lola welcomed the invitation and would ask fellow director Shalahuddin Siregar to join the festival with his latest film "Pesantren" (Muslim Boarding School).

"Lima", which literally means "Five", was presented in Kazan with the support from the Indonesian embassy in Moscow, the Tatarstan Culture Ministry and the Kazan State Institute of Culture (KazGIK). The film screening was part of commemoration for the 70th anniversary of bilateral ties between Indonesia and Russia.

The film is about the implementation of the five principles in Indonesia's state philosophy Pancasila, including upholding diversity and religious tolerance. It tells story about dispute among three children of different faiths over the funeral proceedings of their Muslim mother.

Speaking separately, Indonesian Ambassador to Russia Wahid Supriyadi said Indonesia is pursuing closer economic and cultural ties with Muslim-majority Tatarstan. Indonesia will also participate in the 12th International Economic Summit with a theme "Russia-Islamic World: Kazan Summit 2020" on June 18-20, he said.

There are currently 83 Indonesian students at various universities in Kazan.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/lifestyle/indonesian-film-lima-invited-to-kazan-festival