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Activists want task force to address humans-tigers conflicts

Tempo - November 1, 2019

Jakarta (Antara) – Activists from the Wildlife Crime Team (WCT) ask the Indonesian government to form a task force that focuses on handling conflicts between men and the Sumatran tigers in Riau Province. This year, there has been an escalation of conflicts.

WCT coordinator Osmantri said in Pekanbaru on October 31, that there are regulations on handling Sumatran tiger conflict with humans, one of them is the Forestry Minister's Regulation no.P.48/Menhut-II/2008 on the Guidelines for Conflict Management between Humans and Wild Animals.

However, these guidelines have not yet been followed. "In conflict-prone areas, there must be a special task force. In [Riau], people only get busy after a conflict happens," Osmantri said.

This year, three people have edited in Riau following run-ups with the Sumatran tiger (panthera tigris sumatrea) at Pelangiran, Indragiri Hilir. Local residents have demanded the authorities to relocate the protected animals.

According to Osmantri, tigers' conflicts with humans in Pelangiran have been going on for a decade. The area was originally the natural habitat of the protected animal.

With the high intensity of the conflicts, the government should have given the issue special attention from the start. He added that the growing need for human shelter is pushing back animals as their habitats' size becomes increasingly smaller.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1267141/activists-want-task-force-to-address-humans-tigers-conflicts