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Bandung regency urges civil servants to put up family portraits at work to lower divorce rate

Jakarta Post - October 31, 2019

Jakarta – An official of Bandung regency in West Jakarta has urged civil servants in the regency administration to put up family portraits in their work space in a bid to lower the divorce rate among civil servants.

The head of Bandung regency's Integrated Care Center for the Empowerment of Women and Children (P2TP2A), Kurnia Agustina, said family portraits could be a reminder for the civil servants and motivate them in their job and in keeping the harmony of their families.

"Besides putting up portraits of the President, governor and regent, which could boost work ethics, putting up our family pictures at work is also a must. Because having them there could be a reminder for us to work as hard as we can," Kurnia said as reported by kompas.com on Thursday.

She did not specify the divorce rate among civil servants in the Bandung regency administration.

She explained that her office recorded that a lack communication in households was the top reason for many divorces. Therefore, she called on all civil servants working at the Bandung regency administration to implement a program related to child protection in their households as it is related to the unity of a household.

"Whatever the reason behind a divorce, there are children affected," said Kurnia, the wife of Bandung regent Dadang Naser.

The head of the Employment and Human Resources Body in Bandung regency, Wawan Ahmad Ridwan, said his office would create a working pattern that would help lower the divorce rate among the regency's civil servants.

"To get a divorce is everyone's right. But we will keep trying to lower the divorce rate. In order to do that, we need to discuss a suitable working system, one of them is by conducting rotation among the employees," he said. (gis)

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2019/10/31/bandung-regency-urges-civil-servants-to-put-up-family-portraits-at-work-to-lower-divorce-rate.html