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Police challenge Ananda Badudu's claim of unethical investigation

Tempo - October 1, 2019

Meidyana Aditama Winata, Jakarta (Antara) – The Metro Jaya Police announced that it plans to subpoena Ananda Badudu for his statement on how police conducted its investigation on arrested student protesters.

After being freed from police questioning, the musician and journalist said that a number of students were captured and questioned without the proper procedure.

In turn, police gave a press conference and showcased a number of CCTV recordings as evidence to dispute Ananda's statement.

"We will issue a subpoena to Ananda Badudu," said Metro Jaya Police's Adj. Commissioner Rovan Richard Mahenu at the police headquarters on Monday, September 30.

The police demand Ananda to make a public apology for saying that the student protesters questioned by authorities were not accompanied by a lawyer. Rovan did not stop there and threatened to criminalize Ananda for spreading false information or hoax.

"The legal procedures will be ended if he clarifies his statement. If not, we will take him to court," said the police.

In the press conference, police brought two university students who were present at the same time as Ananda's questioning to back up their statement. The two students are now freed after they were initially named suspects by the police.

The musician's initial testimony

Previously reported, Badudu gave the statement on Friday, September 27, after he was suddenly picked up from his house to undergo police questioning. He was questioned as a witness after the musician established crowd-funding to provide logistical support for the students' protest.

Right after his questioning, Ananda gave the statement on the alleged police unethical procedure. His witness testimony was backed by Amnesty International Indonesia director Usman Hamid, who accompanied Ananda after police nearly did not allow him to be accompanied by an attorney.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1254479/police-challenge-ananda-badudus-claim-of-unethical-investigation