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UNTL cooperating with Cuba to train qualified health professionals

Dili Weekly - August 21, 2019

The Pro-Rector for Cooperation at the National University of Timor Lorosa'e (UNTL), Eduardo Aniceto Serrao said the university has established a good cooperation with Cuba, to support teachers and to prepare youths in the medical sector and equip them with high ability to respond with quality of care to people's needs.

He also said that, besides Cuba, the university is also cooperating with Australia, Brazil, Japan, Portugal, and the World Health Organization (WHO), in providing technical support, to increase the students' knowledge and ability on health.

He added that the UNTL still has several weaknesses, in terms of facilities and equipment, but through cooperation it is developing so it can do better in the future.

"We are supported by experienced teachers from Cuba and our equipment has increased. Therefore, let's hope that they can become good doctors. The quality of treatment is their passion and they are using their capacity and ability to serve, because to be a doctor is to treat the sick everywhere," he said recently in Dili.

He said that the strategic plan of UNTL is to open a hospital, and that many countries have offered to support, to respond to the public needs and to become a practical laboratory for students, where they can receive and treat patients.

Meanwhile, the Clinical Director at the National Hospital of Guido Valadares (HNGV), Flavio Brandao said all Higher Education, whether public or private schools that trains human resources in medicine must have a good cooperation with the National Hospital, because to be a doctor is not only about reading a book, but they should be able to treat patients directly.

He said so far UNTL sends students to attend training and do internships at the HNGV, but efforts need to be made to support training at the hospital.

"We can say that UNTL knows how to graduate students, but they have no idea how to create good conditions for health treatment in the country," he said.

He urged the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health to invest in the HNGV as a training center to increase the quality of human resources for the health sector.

Source: http://www.thediliweekly.com/en/news/17309-untl-cooperating-with-cuba-to-train-qualified-health-professionals