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Gerindra calls out PSI as Indonesia's sensational party

Tempo - March 12, 2019

Ryan Dwiky Anggriawan, Jakarta – Gerindra Party secretary general Andre Rosiade quipped the speech by Indonesia Solidarity Party's (PSI) chairman Grace Natalie in the Festival 11 event held in Madiun on Monday, March 11.

At the time, Grace mentioned about the many self-proclaimed nationalist political parties that are pro-discrimination by backing a region's Sharia law.

In her speech, she quoted the study conducted by Michael Buehler in his book entitled "The Politics of Shari'a Law: Islamist Activists and the State in Democratizing Indonesia."

According to Andre, Grace's speech is nothing other than a political strategy for PSI to grab national attention.

"Grace regularly expresses controversial statements, which they do expect to be responded to, and eventually will get them under the spotlight. That's her strategy," said Andre to Tempo on Tuesday, March 12.

"PSI is a political party that hopes to pass the parliamentary threshold. They must create sensations for the lack of achievement. That is why PSI is better referred to as Indonesia's sensational party," he continued.

Furthermore, Andre argues that any form of regional government regulations (Perda), including Sharia laws, must be adapted to the needs of the region that does not defy the Pancasila and Indonesia's 1945 Constitution (UUD).

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1184392/gerindra-calls-out-psi-as-indonesias-sensational-party