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Banda Aceh bans New Year's celebration

Tempo - December 29, 2017

Banda Aceh – The Banda Aceh City Government prohibits its citizens from celebrating the New Year. Leaflets announcing the ban are posted in public places and markets.

The Banda Aceh Sharia Police head Evendi A. Latif told Tempo on Friday that they are also announcing the ban by patrolling in cars with loudspeakers.

He said that the sharia police will be patrolling during New Year's Eve to prevent any form of celebrations in crowded places such as Blang Padang Field, Simpang Lima and several other points.

"The security measure will be assisted by the national police force," Evendi explained.

The ban issued by Banda Aceh City Government every year, claiming that it is what the public demands. "The celebration of New Year is against the Islamic principles enacted in Aceh," Banda Aceh Mayor Aminullah Usman said.

The mayor added that all residents of Banda Aceh must obey the ban, which the government stipulates in circular No. 451/01209/2017 signed by all elements of the Banda Aceh Leadership Communication Forum.

Some of the things included in the circular are the prohibition to play with fireworks, trumpets, car and motorcycle convoys, and other games and activities considered "useless" by Islamic principles and the customs of Aceh.

– Adi Warsidi

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/news/2017/12/29/055914442/Banda-Aceh-Bans-New-Years-Celebration