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MP: Estrada Bo'ot Diak roads of poor quality

Dili Weekly - October 28, 2013

Venidora Oliveira – A Member of National Parliament strongly criticized the company Estrada Bo'ot Diak for constructing poor quality roads that are damaged a year after being built.

MP Ana Ribeiro raised the issue because the road in front of the shop Jacinto is already damaged again, in addition to roads in Bairo-Pite and Kuluhun.

"It's like practically throwing money away because the road has been built and it's of poor quality but the money is still being spent," MP Ribeiro said in Dili.

Therefore she called on the company in charge of the project to do the work with sincerity and with better quality. She also appealed for the government to pay attention to companies, so that when they construct roads, they're of good quality.

In response to this, the Minister Public Works Gastao de Sousa said companies built some roads properly and some poorly, but the ministry was paying attention.

"Like the Dili to Manatuto road, they built it and it's still good. Now we look into it when they're rehabilitated and they're not good, I have the power to stop contracts," Minister de Sousa said.

Currently, he said there was a new system for companies that do poor quality work, in that the government would not pay the referred company.

Meanwhile, Head of the company Estrada Bo'ot Diak Ilidio Cardoso said the company always did quality work, but the problem was the rain. "Rain destroys the roads," Cardoso said.

Regarding the government refusing payment for poor quality work, he said it did not matter and they had already agreed.