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AWPA condemns the crackdown on peaceful demonstrators today in West Papua

Australian West Papua Association (Sydney) Statement - August 16, 2021

AWPA condemns the crackdown on peaceful demonstrators today in West Papua. Early reports (from FB and local media) indicate up to 50 people arrested and two wounded.

Rallies were called today by the Papuan People's Petition, consisting of over a 100 organisations and were demanding the release of Victor Yeimo who is sick in the Mako Brimob prison.

A number of activists were beaten by the security forces in Jayapura including the head of the central KNPB, Agus Kossay.

In the town of Dekai in the Yahukimo Regency it was reported that two demonstrators were shot.

Ferianus Asso (29) and another person were shot and wounded at the Ruko complex in Dekai.

Ferianus Asso was shot twice in the right hip and is receiving medical treatment at the Dekai Hospital. The other person fled the vicinity.

Other protesters were arrested and beaten while gathering at the rally point. It is reported that up to 50 people were arrested and are being detained at the Yahukimo police station.

Joe Collins of AWPA said, "yet again we have a heavy-handed security approach to peaceful demonstrators resulting in serious injuries to demonstrators. For all the talk from governments of improvement in the situation in West Papua, it would appear there is no freedom of speech or assembly" It's business as usual from the security forces.

Source: https://awpasydneynews.blogspot.com/2021/08/awpa-condemns-crackdown-on-peaceful.htm