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Undius Kogoya's aide killed in East Paniai clash with security forces

Jakarta Globe - May 22, 2024

Sevianto Pakiding, Meirto Tangkepayung, Paniai – An armed criminal group (KKB) member by the name of Basoka Lawiya, also known as Masyarakat Kogoya, was killed in a shootout with joint military and police personnel in East Paniai District, Paniai Regency, Central Papua, on Wednesday.

Chief of the Cartenz Peacekeeping Operations Task Force, Faizal Ramadhani, said that Basoka Lawiya was identified as the aide-de-camp of Undius Kogoya, a KKB leader in Intan Jaya, Papua.

"We responded and pursued until we managed to shoot dead one KKB member, known as Basoka Lawiya alias Masyarakat Kogoya," Faizal said in his statement on Wednesday.

According to Faizal, the pursuit of Undius Kogoya's KKB group followed their series of shooting incidents and terrorizing activities. Besides terrorizing civilians, the KKB also burned several stalls and school buildings, including elementary and junior high schools in East Paniai.

"In addition to burning several stalls and schools, the KKB also shot at civilians and security personnel," Faizal added.

The KKB attacked a kiosk in Madi Village, East Paniai District, Paniai Regency. The incident began when two KKB members on a motorcycle stopped at Arwin's, 34, kiosk to buy cigarettes on Tuesday evening.

After receiving the cigarettes, one of the KKB members suddenly drew a firearm and began shooting. Fortunately, the shots did not hit Arwin.

In addition to the attack, the KKB in the Paniai area set fire to 12 kiosks at the Kopo junction in Madi Village, East Paniai District, around 00:15 a.m. local time. The KKB then attacked military and police personnel who were evacuating civilians near the scene.

A shootout between the KKB and TNI-Polri personnel at the location ensued. No casualties were reported in the exchange.

On Wednesday, the KKB continued their actions by burning down elementary and junior high school buildings at YPPGI Kepas Kopo.

Due to the volatile situation, TNI-Polri personnel evacuated 23 teachers and their families to the Paniai Police Headquarters. The joint TNI-Polri personnel remain on high alert around the Kopo junction to anticipate further actions from the KKB

Head of the Cartenz Peacekeeping Operations Task Force Public Relations, Bayu Suseno, said that the Indonesian Military and National Police personnel conducting sweeps found evidence including a magazine, a telescope, and three mobile phones.

"The KKB led by Undius Kogoya, originating from the Intan Jaya region, has been causing security disturbances in Paniai Regency for some time now," explained Bayu.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/news/undius-kogoyas-aide-killed-in-east-paniai-clash-with-security-force