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Most Eid travelers satisfied with police's performance: Survey

Jakarta Globe - April 29, 2024

Djibril Muhammad, Jakarta – A recent survey showed that most Eid travelers were satisfied with what the police had done in making sure that everyone got to return to their hometowns safely.

Indonesia recently had hundreds of millions of people traveling during the Eid holidays. During the long-awaited holidays, the police would usually deploy their personnel to secure the Eid travel, including making sure that people would not spend hours or almost a day on the road. In a recent survey, KedaiKOPI asked the public what they thought of the police's performance for this year's Eid travels.

"As many as 84.1 percent of the respondents were satisfied with the police's performance in safeguarding the Eid holiday travels. About 82.5 percent were happy with what the police had done to ensure smooth Eid travels," KedaiKOPI's research manager Ashma was quoted as saying in a recent press statement.

"The survey results actually approve what the traffic police has done, although there were still some incidents that occurred as a result of this traffic management, just like what we have seen in the media," Ashma said.

About 60.1 percent of the respondents said they were satisfied with the police's traffic policies, including one-way and contraflow systems. The survey also recorded 79.8 percent approval towards the availability of the traffic signs. Ashma added: "Although we still need to work on maintaining the road conditions and providing traffic lights."

Around 67.4 percent of the respondents also found that other drivers had already shown good traffic compliance. "But this shows that there are still people who drive unsafely, thus potentially pose a danger to other drivers," Ashma said.

The survey amassed responses on April 13-18 and used the computerized assisted self-interview system. As many as 1,126 respondents – all aged between 17 and 55 years old – took part in the survey.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/lifestyle/most-eid-travelers-satisfied-with-polices-performance-surve