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Indonesia implements bridging visa for foreigners

Jakarta Globe - April 23, 2024

Jakarta – Indonesia has implemented the so-called "bridging visa" policy for foreigners

This visa lets foreigners stay in the country, while taking care of their new residence permits. In other words, it acts as a "bridge" between the previous residence permits and the new ones.

"Foreign nationals holding visit visas applied through evisa.imigrasi.go.id are allowed to obtain limited stay permits without having to leave Indonesia. Likewise, holders of limited stay permits and permanent stay permits that can no longer be extended can obtain new residence permits without having to leave Indonesia," immigration director-general Silmy Karim was quoted as saying in a recent press statement.

Indonesia ratified the policy on the bridging visa or the transitional residence permit on April 11. The transitional residence permit will be valid for 60 days, and is only valid onshore, namely for foreigners who are already within the Indonesian territory.

Foreigners who apply for a change of status to a limited stay permit are eligible for this visa. Foreign nationals holding a transitional residence permit are not subject to overstay if their transitional residence permit application gets approved after their previous residence permit has expired.

To sign up for a transitional residence permit, foreigners can submit an application at evisa.imigrasi.go.id website and make an immigration fee payment no later than 3 days before the previous residence permit expires.

This bridging visa helps foreigners to save time, energy, and accomodation costs, while also giving them legal certainty, according to Silmy.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/special-updates/indonesia-implements-bridging-visa-for-foreigner