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Jokowi's public approval down to 76.6 percent amid rice price hike

Tempo - February 29, 2024

Yuni Rohmawati, Jakarta – The Indonesian survey agency Indikator Politik Indonesia reported a 2 percent decline in the level of public satisfaction rate with President Joko Widodo or Jokowi's performance. What caused it?

Director of Indikator Politik Indonesia Burhanuddin Muhtadi said the current trend of satisfaction with Jokowi's performance was 76.6 percent: a decline from the previous 78.6 percent. Even though Jokowi has gone all out in keeping rice prices from rising, Burhanuddin said, the negative impact has already hit the communities.

"This is possibly due to the performance of the ministers and natural factors, but still President Jokowi is the leading man. Because of this, he is being negatively impacted," said Burhanuddin in an online broadcast, on Wednesday.

Burhanudin said that if the price hike of rice and basic necessities continues, it is likely that the public satisfaction trend will keep declining.

"This also certainly reduces President Jokowi's legacy who wants his approval rating to be above 80 percent in his remaining term of office," said Burhanuddin.

This survey was conducted during the February 18-21 period by telephone using Sample Random Digit Dialing (RDD). The number of respondents was 1,127 with a 2.9 percent margin of error at a confidence level of 95 percent.

The 76.6 percent approval, Burhanudin said, was related to providing social assistance to low-income families. Meanwhile, 20.7 percent of the public was dissatisfied with Jokowi's performance due to unequal aid distribution. The remaining 2.7 percent abstained.

Burhanuddin said the decline in public approval toward Jokowi could also be attributed to the lack of efforts for corruption eradication or related to law enforcement.

"This is again related to the law enforcement side," he said.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1839297/jokowis-public-approval-down-to-76-6-percent-amid-rice-price-hik