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First 10 countries that recognize Indonesian independence

Tempo - January 3, 2024

Melynda Dwi Puspita, Andika Dwi, Jakarta – Indonesia officially declared its independence on August 17, 1945. It was not just an internal struggle but also recognition by other countries that led to the declaration.

A state's legitimacy at its founding is established through recognition by other states. According to Article 1 of the Montevideo Convention of 1933, a state must have four qualifications: a permanent population, a defined territory, a government, and recognition by other states.

Here is a list of the first ten countries to recognize Indonesia's independence, as compiled from various sources.

1. Egypt

The first country in the world to recognize Indonesia's de facto independence was Egypt on March 22, 1946. The Egyptian Prime Minister signed the de jure recognition on June 10, 1947, in the presence of Indonesian freedom fighters AR Baswedan and Agus Salim. This marked the beginning of bilateral relations between the two countries.

2. Palestine

Before the proclamation, Palestine was one of the first countries to congratulate Indonesia on its independence on September 6, 1944. Sheikh Muhammad Amin Al Husaini expressed his happiness over Indonesia's independence via Radio Berlin, Germany.

3. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia recognized the independence of Indonesia on November 18, 1946. The two countries have maintained close relations ever since.

4. Lebanon

Lebanon recognized the de jure independence of Indonesia on July 29, 1947. Relations between the two countries have grown even closer. In 1996, the Indonesian Embassy was officially established in the Lebanese capital, Beirut.

5. Syria

Syria supported Indonesia in the UN Security Council in 1947 during Indonesia's struggle to defend its independence against Dutch military aggression.

6. Iraq

After World War II, Iraq recognized Indonesia as an independent country. The two countries have maintained relations, particularly diplomatic relations, since 1950.

7. Vatican

Indonesia received support not only from Middle Eastern countries but also from the European continent, including the Vatican. The recognition was delivered on July 6, 1947, which was marked by the establishment of the Vatican Embassy or Apostolic Delegate in Jakarta.

The Vatican and Indonesia share the same state principles of world peace and harmony among religious communities.

8. Yemen

Yemen recognized the sovereignty of Indonesia on May 3, 1948. The two countries have maintained economic, political, and socio-cultural relations for more than 74 years.

9. Afghanistan

Afghanistan officially supported Indonesia as an independent country on September 23, 1947. The two signed the first treaty of friendship in Bandung on April 24, 1955.

10. Turkiye

Turkiye's support for Indonesian sovereignty began on December 29, 1949, despite negative reactions from the Netherlands. The two countries continued to cooperate in various forms, including the establishment of the Turkish embassy in Jakarta on April 10, 1957.

These were the first ten countries to recognize Indonesia's independence. Other states have contributed to the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia, including Australia, India, and Ukraine.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1816457/first-10-countries-that-recognize-indonesian-independenc