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Ganjar Pranowo says signs of New Order emerging as freedom of expression curbed

Tempo - December 21, 2023

Adil Al Hasan, Jakarta – Presidential candidate number 3 Ganjar Pranowo assessed that signs of a new order have lately emerged since people's freedom of expression has been curtailed. He highlighted a lot of recent news reports of injustice, discriminatory treatment, and even threats or intimidation against freedom of expression.

"People coming to convey their stance are questioned. People speaking out to express their opinions are questioned. I think our memories have not faded. The new order collapsed because of such situations and conditions. And the students guarded the reform. Unfortunately, it feels like the indications [of the new order regime] are coming back," Ganjar said at the inauguration of his support group called Baki GAMA 03 which is composed of young lawyers in Jakarta on Thursday, Dec. 21.

The former governor of Central Java said that the Indonesian constitution clearly notes that the state is subject to the law. He also underlined that Indonesia is not a country of power, but a country of law.

"It's now time for the love of democracy to guard, remind, and question when injustice begins to occur," Ganjar Pranowo said, calling on Baki GAMA 03 to protect democracy and help people who face injustice and are treated unfairly by opening an online complaint center.

Ganjar opined that students and civilians should start moving in light of the current situation, which is similar to the new order era. The student movement is legitimate because every citizen is obliged to guard the Constitution and uphold the law. "It is certainly our duty as citizens to protect the vision of the constitution."

The PDIP politician went on to say that 2024 is an important year because of the simultaneous elections of leaders at the central and regional levels. He expected the democratic process to be peaceful, honest, and fair.

"We have big dreams, at least by 2045, 100 years of Indonesian independence, Indonesia will become a developed country, a superior country that the world will take into account," Ganjar Pranowo said.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1812150/ganjar-pranowo-says-signs-of-new-order-emerging-as-freedom-of-expression-curbe