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Explosion near school leaves student injured, sparks outrage and safety concerns in Nabire

Tabloid Jubi - November 17, 2023

Nabire, Jubi – Father Yance Wadogoubi Yogi, chairman of the YPPK Regional School Board in Intan Jaya Regency, criticized the placement of explosives in the Titigi Parish area. This act led to the severe injury of a 10-year-old student named MH from the YPPK Titigi Elementary School on November 9, 2023. The perpetrators remain unidentified as of today.

MH sustained injuries while heading home from school when she encountered an explosive device. The blast occurred at around 12 p.m. Papua time about 50 meters from the school, near St Misael Catholic Church, and 175 meters away from her home. MH found a package while chasing a bird, triggering an explosion when she picked it up, resulting in severe leg injuries. MH is currently undergoing treatment at the Mimika Regional General Hospital in Central Papua.

Yogi, who is also the Chairman of the Moni Puncak Decenate, strongly denounced the dangerous act, emphasizing its threat to children's lives in conflict zones. He highlighted the Catholic Church's condemnation of such actions and called for heightened attention from all parties to prevent similar incidents near public places like schools, hospitals, and church complexes.

Expressing concern and seeking support for MH's recovery, the family requested prayers while staying in touch regarding MH's progress during medical treatment.

Yogi noted that despite the ongoing conflict between Indonesian security forces and the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB) in Intan Jaya since 2019, educational activities in several YPPK elementary schools have continued normally, facilitated by the Moni Puncak priest and supported by the local government and regent.

Yogi emphasized the need for an evaluation involving the regional government, security forces, and related agencies to prevent such incidents from recurring, which disrupt the safety of schoolchildren and teachers.

Meanwhile, Yohanes Weya, Head of YPPK Titigi Elementary School, underscored their demand for safety guarantees, invoking constitutional rights for education, self-development, and welfare. He urged the government to ensure security, stating that such conditions indicate a lack of state presence in society. (*)

Source: https://en.jubi.id/explosion-near-school-leaves-student-injured-sparks-outrage-and-safety-concerns-in-nabire