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Jubi Documentary launches five films spotlighting Papua's human rights issues

Tabloid Jubi - October 2, 2023

Jayapura, Jubi – Director Latifah Anum Siregar of the Democracy Alliance for Papua (ALDP) emphasized the importance of raising awareness about human rights violations in Papua during a discussion at the launch of the Jubi Documentary films. The event took place at the St. Nicholaus Ambassador of Peace Study House in Jayapura City on Wednesday, September 27, 2023.

The Jubi Documentary released five films about Papua at the end of September: When the Microphone Turns On; Pepera 1969: Democratic Integration?; Black Pearl of the Field General; My Name is Pengungsi; and Voices from the Grime Valley. They were launched in Jayapura, Yogyakarta, and Jakarta.

Siregar stressed that these documentaries are not meant for mere entertainment but should serve as a platform for everyone, especially young students, to speak out against human rights violations in Papua.

Former football giant Persipura captain Fernando Fairyo, who was also present at the launch event, expressed how emotionally impactful the documentary "Black Pearl of the Field General" was for him. He mentioned shedding tears while watching the film, which highlighted the history of Persipura's journey and invoked mixed emotions of joy and sadness.

Fairyo also emphasized the need for Persipura to focus on strengthening the team and urged creative management to find funds beyond sponsorship from PT Freeport Indonesia and Bank Papua to support the team.

The five documentaries released by Jubi were produced over two years by Jubi Documentary, a branch of Jubi media based in Jayapura City. These films share a common theme of humanity and the repercussions of human rights violations in Papua.

Watchdoc, an audio-visual production house founded by Andhy Panca Kurniawan and Dandhy Dwi Laksono in 2009, supervised the production of these films. Watchdoc is renowned for its social justice-themed documentaries and received the 2021 Ramon Magsaysay Award in the 'Emergent Leadership' category.

When the Microphone Turns On, Pepera 1969: Democratic Integration? and My Name is Pengungsi were launched at a screening event in Yogyakarta on Wednesday. These films delve into various aspects of Papua's socio-political situation, history, and the impact of armed conflict.

Voices from the Grime Valley, directed by Angela Flassy, explores the social consequences of forest clearing for oil palm plantations in Keerom Regency and Jayapura Regency, both located in Papua Province.

Meanwhile, Black Pearl of the Field General, directed by Maurids Yansip, narrates the story of Persipura football team as a symbol of pride and identity for Papuans, its achievements, and its current struggle to regain a spot in League 1.

The launch event included discussions with the filmmakers and experts, providing a platform for in-depth exploration of the documentary topics.

Source: https://en.jubi.id/jubi-documentary-launches-five-films-spotlighting-papuas-human-rights-issues