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Bus plunges into ravine after driver stepped outside, 1 killed

Coconuts Jakarta - May 8, 2023

Police have taken a bus driver in for questioning after his unattended vehicle plunged down a ravine in Guci, Tegal, Central Java on Sunday, killing one on board.

The driver was transporting a tour group of 50 from South Tangerang, Banten to Guci, famous for its hot springs. The bus made a stop before it reached its destination, after which the driver, his assistant, and 13 passengers stepped outside of the vehicle.

According to reports, of the 37 passengers who remained on board at the time of the incident, two were heavily injured while dozens suffered minor injuries. One male passenger was killed in the incident.

Some reports alleged that a small boy, who was playing in the bus, had released the bus' handbrake, sending the vehicle tumbling down the downward slope and into the ravine.

However, police denied that allegation after interviewing witnesses, saying that they will focus their attention on identifying possible failures in the bus' brake system.

Police have not brought charges against the bus driver nor his assistant.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/bus-plunges-into-ravine-after-driver-stepped-outside-1-killed