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Chinese firms are landing more procurement contracts in Timor-Leste than those from elsewhere

Macao News - March 27, 2023

According to National Procurement Commission (CNA) figures cited in China-Lusophone Brief, companies from China won 44 contracts worth a total of US$714.6 million during the period. Indonesian enterprises were awarded 72 contracts worth nearly US$499 million.

Other countries securing a significant number of procurement deals included Portugal, with 30 contracts worth a total of US$51.59 million, and France, with nine contracts worth US$68.6 million. Canadian companies were awarded 12 projects worth a total of US$28 million.

During the period, the CNA registered a total of 2,598 procurement contracts, with a total value of around US$3.78 billion. The great majority of these went to Timorese companies, which secured 2,351 contracts with a total value of more than US$2.12 billion.

Chinese firms, excluding Timorese companies, won procurement contracts worth US$1.36 billion.

Source: https://macaonews.org/portuguese-speaking-countries/china-timor-leste-procurement-trade