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Central Papua govt asked to schedule further meeting with Freeport present

Tabloid Jubi - March 27, 2023

Jayapura, Jubi – The Central Papua Provincial Government has been asked to organize a meeting between residents of the Far East Mimika, Jita and Agimuga districts with the management of PT Freeport Indonesia to discuss the environmental impact of the gold and copper mine.

The request was conveyed by lawmaker of the Papua Legislative Council John NR Gobai in a written statement received by Jubi on Sunday, March 26, 2023.

Gobai said the Central Papua Provincial Government and the Mimika Government had held a meeting with residents in Timika City on March 24, 2023, to hear what was happening to the community and how the Mimika Government would respond.

"I hope there will be a follow-up meeting with the management of PT Freeport Indonesia present," said John Gobai.

According to him, at the previous meeting the community requested a follow-up meeting attended by Freeport.

In addition, Freeport was also asked to pay compensation for community losses. The government and Freeport must also build shelters, provide dredgers to dredge tailings, and pioneer boats for the communities of the Agimuga, Jita and Far East Mimika districts, as well as formulate further steps to manage tailings.

Gobai suggested that Freeport meet the community in a forum organized by the Central Papua Provincial Government in order to produce an agreement that is useful for the community.

"Hopefully, the next meeting will result in a joint action plan between Freeport, the government and the community to resolve the issues that have been voiced by the people of the three districts in East Mimika," he said. (*)

Source: https://en.jubi.id/central-papua-govt-asked-to-schedule-further-meeting-with-freeport-present