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Press Council wants sole authority in publishers' rights law

Jakarta Post - March 3, 2023

Jakarta – The Press Council demanded on Friday that the government continue to give it the sole authority to oversee the media industry in the country including in the business of negotiating with global tech platforms, a job that will likely be included in the upcoming publishers' rights regulation.

In a press conference held on Friday, Press Council chairperson Ninik Rahayu maintained that any new institution tasked to negotiate payments from tech platform would be under the purview of the council.

"In our version of the draft [regulation], with all constituencies of the Press Council, we have agreed that this agency, an independent unit, will be under this institution. This won't even be an agency, it will have to be consistent with our nomenclature," Ninik told the press briefing.

Ninik said that as long as the country's Press Law No. 40/1999 remained in place, the Press Council would continue to be the sole authority in managing press freedom in the country.

"There should be no duality of role under this planned regulation," Ninik said.

The government is drafting a regulation allowing media outlets to receive payments from digital platforms or aggregators that carry their content. The latest draft of the law stipulates the formation of an agency tasked to negotiate terms and conditions for the payment.

The law, proposed two years ago, was inspired by similar legislation in Germany and Australia, and is expected to be issued as a presidential regulation in late March.

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/indonesia/2023/03/03/press-council-wants-sole-authority-in-publishers-rights-law.htm