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Opposing Jobs Law decree, protesters present 'national traitors' with nasi tumpeng

Kompas.com - February 28, 2023

Tria Sutrisna, Jakarta – Demonstrators opposing the government regulation in lieu of law (Perppu) replacing the Omnibus Law on Job Creation brought "sesajen" (special food with spiritual meaning) in the form of nasi tumpeng (ceremonial dish of yellow rice served in cone shape) and fruits of the earth to a rally at the House of Representatives (DPR) building in Central Jakarta on Tuesday February 28.

The protesters carried the nasi tumpeng from Jalan Gatot Subroto in the direction of the MPR main building along with biers and yellow flags (usually symbolising death) with the message reading "Fall of the People's Voice".

Punco, a representatives of the Fraternity of Indonesian Muslim Workers (FPMI) said that the nasi tumpeng and the other foods were a form of syukur (thanksgiving to God) and at the same time expressed the people's disappointment with the government and the people's representatives.

"This is evidence that this food has been accompanied by the suffering of the ordinary people. This shows that the government has turned the people into slaves for their own interests", Punco told journalists.

"On the one hand, this is a gift from the people's self-sufficiency. Not because of development", he added.

Meanwhile the chairperson of the 92 Independent Prosperity Trade Union (SBSI 1992), Sunarti, said that the nasi tumpeng they brought would be given to DPR members as a form of protest against the traitors of the people.

"For the national traitors we present this as the product of the ordinary people. This is what we bring today, syukur flavoured tumpeng mixed with the feelings of concern", said Sunarti.

"And these biers are a reminder that the traitors of the nation will end up in such biers", he concluded.

A number of other social organisations calling themselves the People's Ultimatum Movement and the Indonesian People's Protest held demonstrations in front of the parliament on Tuesday.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Bawa Tumpeng ke DPR, Pedemo Tolak Perppu Cipta Kerja: Para Pengkhianat Bangsa, Ini Lho Hasil Rakyat...".]

Source: https://megapolitan.kompas.com/read/2023/02/28/13553041/bawa-tumpeng-ke-dpr-pedemo-tolak-perppu-cipta-kerja-para-pengkhiana