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Largest Pocky factory opens in Indonesia to supply Asean, US market

Jakarta Post - February 27, 2023

Deni Ghifari, Jakarta – Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd inaugurated its largest factory to date on Thursday in Karawang, West Java, with the aim of serving the domestic and Southeast Asian markets and to begin exports to North America in spring this year.

Operating under PT Glico Manufacturing Indonesia, the factory solely produces Glico's flagship product, Pocky, which is a chocolate-covered biscuit that comes in several flavors, such as strawberry and matcha.

"Glico focuses on accelerating growth in the Southeast Asian region as well as globally, supported by our best brand, Pocky," Glico Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. chief operating officer Hideaki Nagahisa was quoted as saying in a press statement released on Thursday.

Hideaki revealed that the factory with a total floor space of 57,000 square meters was the largest Glico had ever built, surpassing the previous record holder located in Kobe, Japan.

Investment in the factory's construction totaled Rp 693.3 billion (US$45 million), all of which came from Glico's reserves. Some 260 workers were employed in the plant as of Thursday.

The statement forecast rising demand for Pocky in the markets of Southeast Asia and North America, hence the new factory.

"With advanced technology at Glico Manufacturing Indonesia, now our largest factory, along with our Thailand factory, we are sure we can meet the demand today and in the future, be it in the Indonesian market, Southeast Asia or North America," said Hideaki.

"We will maintain the flavor of Glico products and high-quality Japanese taste for countries in Southeast Asia and others," he added.

Japan-based Glico Group was founded on Feb. 11, 1922, with last year marking the firm's centenary. Its business activities range from confectionery and dairy products to processed foods and more.

Its total, sales amounted to $1.46 billion in 2022, yielding $55.6 million in operational income.

The construction of the Karawang factory kicked off on Mar. 6, 2020, and the inauguration on Thursday was also designed "to initiate distribution for the domestic market."

Launched in 1966, Pocky has been on the market for more than half a century. The company's website reveals that Pocky is sold in Japan, Thailand, France, Canada, China, the United States, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Glico's other core product is also a biscuit stick, called Pretz, which was first released in Japan in 1963, according to Glico's website.

Source: https://asianews.network/largest-pocky-factory-opens-in-indonesia-to-supply-asean-us-market