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Mining contributes 53 percent to East Kalimantan GRDP

Tempo - February 13, 2023

Jakarta (Antara) – The mining and quarrying business sector contributes the largest to the East Kalimantan Province's Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) in 2022, reaching 53.24 percent or Rp 490.5 trillion of the province's total GRDP. This was stated by the region's Statistics Indonesia (BPS) Yusniar Juliana on Sunday.

"GRDP at current prices in East Kalimantan Province throughout 2022 reaches Rp 921.33 trillion, originating from roughly 20 business fields," said Juliana on February 12.

The second largest GRDP contributor is the processing industry with a share of 15.05 percent or Rp. 138.63 trillion, while the field of construction ranks third with a contribution of 7.7 percent or Rp. 70.94 trillion.

The East Kalimantan Province's economy in 2022 has grown by 4.48 percent, higher than the previous year's achievements which logged 2.55 percent growth. For the production side, the highest economic growth in the region occurred in the transportation and warehousing business sector which recorded 11.96 percent growth.

Based on business fields, he explained, the structure of the East Kalimantan economy has not undergone significant changes and there remain five business fields that dominate the region's economy.

"The five business fields are mining and quarrying, processing industry, construction, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries with a share of 7.04 percent, as well as wholesale and retail trade, car and motorcycle repair contributing 5.16 percent," he said.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1690757/mining-contributes-53-percent-to-east-kalimantan-grd