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Siti Diyah Sujirah, wife of missing activist Wiji Thukul passes away

Tempo - January 6, 2023

Arimbihp, Septia Ryanthie, Jakarta – Siti Dyah Sujirah, popular with the nickname Sipon, who is known as the wife of the missing poet Wiji Thukul passed away on Thursday, January 5. This was confirmed by Wiji's younger sibling Wahyu Susilo in a Whatsapp text to Tempo.

Wiji Thukul is a poet well-known for his poetry that actively voices the struggles and suffering of the common people, which is the main reason the lives of him and his family had never veered away from authorities. Generally, Wiji Thukul's work is believed to have caused him to go missing since February 10, 1998.

Following the mysterious disappearance of Wiji, Sipon actively involved herself in the search for her husband and was vocal in calling for justice for her husband. Throughout her life, Sipon also actively voiced for past severe human rights violations to be resolved by Indonesia's multiple administrations.

At one point in her life, Siti Dyah Sujirah saw a glimpse of hope in finding her missing husband after in 2014, Joko "Jokowi" Widodo pledged to handle past severe human rights violations in his 2014 presidential election candidacy. She then voluntarily supported his candidacy by printing shirts for Jokowi's presidential race.

However, Sipon's first eldest daughter Fitri Nganti Wani asserted that the President's promise was not evident after winning the election. At this time, Sipon no longer sympathized with the government but tirelessly continued to resume hope that Wiji Thukul would someday be found.

Prior to her death, Sipon was known to have eaten breakfast at a local diner in her hometown but only after a few bites, Sipon complained about a health issue she had throughout the years. Her health deteriorated in the weeks leading to her death and eventually passed away at the Hermina Hospital in Solo.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1676400/siti-diyah-sujirah-wife-of-missing-activist-wiji-thukul-passes-awa