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528 Papua scholarship recipient students drop out

Tempo - December 19, 2022

Imaji Lasahido (Teras.Id), Jakarta – The Head of the Human Resources Development Agency or BPSDM Papua, Aryoko Rumaropen stated that there were at least 528 Papua students receiving scholarships who had dropped out from their studies.

Reported from Jubi, a partner of Teras.id, Rumaropen explained that out of 528 students who declare a dropout, 271 are students studying abroad. As for the 257 students, it was stated that they had dropped out of Indonesian universities.

According to him, the dropping out of the study was due to several issues, such as low academic scores, exceeding the study period, violating college regulations, and some even violating the law.

"Some were expelled because of ethical violations on campus and legal issues," said Rumaropen to Jubi in Jayapura, Monday, December 12, 2022.

For further information, the number of students receiving the Papua scholarship who dropped out is accumulated since the Papua scholarship program was implemented in 2009.

Rumaropen gave the example of a Papua student receiving a scholarship who allegedly shot the police. "That is a violation of the law. There are requirements for studying overseas, you must be disciplined. If there is an act of violation, it will not be tolerated by any country with law and order," he said.

Furthermore, the study year is often violated by the Papua students. If students receive scholarships to study abroad, they must be able to finish college within six years. As for in Indonesia, students must complete college in five years, and the term limit for this study period is often violated.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1669964/528-papua-scholarship-recipient-students-drop-ou