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Ministry says maintenance to blame for PeduliLindungi crashing

Jakarta Post - September 14, 2022

Jakarta – The Health Ministry said on Wednesday morning that the mobile COVID-19 tracking application PeduliLindungi was back online following technical difficulties that the ministry blamed on regular maintenance.

"The service has returned to normal. You can now access PeduliLindungi on the mobile and web platform," the official account of the application @PLindungi tweeted on Wednesday.

Users started to complain early on Wednesday after not being able to access the mobile app. Some users failed to log in to the service and received an "error_json" pop-up message from the platform.

Early morning commuters voiced their complaints on social media after being unable to enter railway stations due to PeduliLindungi's failure to record their entry.

"The Health Ministry has informed public transportation operators to continue providing their services and we apologize for the inconvenience," @PLindungi said in another tweet.

A spokesperson from the ministry said the disruption resulted from routine maintenance.

The Communications and Information Ministry announced that PeduliLindungi was "highly secure from phishing and malware" as it used a layered security system and had been reviewed by both Apple's App Store and the Google Play store.

Communications and Information Minister Johnny G. Plate has also stated that all users' data would be deleted once the pandemic ended.

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/indonesia/2022/09/14/ministry-says-maintenance-to-blame-for-pedulilindungi-crashing.htm