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Wale: Indonesia's 'futsal gift' should not deter our stand for West Papua

Solomon Star News - September 8, 2022

Opposition Leader, Matthew Wale says the new Futsal Stadium handed over by the Indonesian government should not deter Solomon Islands support for fellow Melanesians in West Papua.

Whilst acknowledging the gift from Indonesia, Mr Wale said Solomon Islands should never allow this to be the 30 pieces of silver to betray our fellow Melanesians in West Papua.

He said the new Futsal Stadium is a dream come true for the futsal code in the country, but it should never change our stand and perspective on West Papua.

The Opposition Leader said it is not right that Solomon Islands voice is silenced by this 'gift' from speaking for the voiceless people of West Papua who continue to suffer under the colonial oppression of Indonesia.

Mr Wale said the Prime Minister knows well because he is a strong supporter of West Papua.

"Our current Prime Minister is a strong supporter of West Papua and I urge him to raise the issue of West Papua to the visiting Indonesia delegation during their meetings," he said.

Mr. Wale also issued a call to the visiting Indonesia government delegation to facilitate Solomon Islands earlier calls to enable the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to visit West Papua.

Source: https://www.solomonstarnews.com/wale-indonesias-futsal-gift-should-not-deter-our-stand-for-west-papua