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Thousands of mining permits revoked, investment minister says

Tempo - September 8, 2022

Arrijal Rachman, Jakarta – Minister of Investment or Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Bahlil Lahadalia in front of Commission VI of the House claimed to have revoked 2,078 mining permits (IUP) that were deemed to be inactive.

Revocation of the permits was carried out through the Land Use Management and Investment Arrangement Task Force. Of the total mining permits that were revoked, 600-700 IUP holders, he said, filed objections.

"Today, we have fully revoked the permit, and now from 2,078 there are around 600-700 who have filed objections," said Bahlil at the House of Representatives Commission VI, Jakarta, Thursday, September 8.

From those that objected, Bahlil said, the central government through the task force had formed a small team to re-check the veracity of the data submitted and said 80 IUPs were returned to their holders after a thorough review.

"If we are the ones who were negligent in the objection, the government is negligent, we must return it in the name of justice and in the first stage we have returned 80 IUPs which we consider appropriate and appropriate according to the rules," the Investment Minister explained.

In asserting his commitment to solving mining permit problems that seem to persist in the country, Minister Bahlil claimed to have revoked the permit of a company that he once owned along with state-owned enterprises. Most of the IUPs are based in Jakarta.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1632116/thousands-of-mining-permits-revoked-investment-minister-say