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People say protesting more difficult, have growing fear arbitrary arrest: Survey

CNN Indonesia - July 11, 2022

Jakarta – The results of an Indonesian Political Indicator survey show that the majority of respondents agree that people are finding it more difficult to hold demonstrations and the police are increasingly likely to arbitrarily arrest those who have different views to those in power.

These are the findings of a national survey using face-to-face interviews that was conducted on June 16-14. Indonesian Political Indicator used a random multistage sampling method of a sample based on 1,200 people aged 17 years and above. The survey had a 2.9 percent margin of error and a 95 percent level of confidence.

Based on the survey, it was found that 60.7 percent of respondents agreed that it they are increasingly afraid of expressing an opinion.

Then, 57.1 percent respondents stated that it was becoming increasingly difficult to hold a demonstration or protest. In addition to this, the survey also showed that 50.6 percent of respondents agreed that the police were more likely to arbitrarily arrest people who have different political views with those in power.

"The majority of people tend to agree that at the moment people are increasingly afraid of stating an opinion, people find it more difficult to demonstrate or hold a protest, and the police are more likely to arbitrarily arrest those who have different views to those in power", explained Indonesian Political Indicator Executive Director Burhanudin Muhtadi on Monday July 11.

Nevertheless, 72.9 percent of respondents stated that they were satisfied with the implantation of or democratic practices in Indonesia, while 20 percent stated they were dissatisfied.

On the other hand, 38.4 percent stated that democratic practices in Indonesia have remained just the same. 29.1 percent of respondents stated that the conditions in Indonesia are better and 21.1 percent stated that Indonesia is less then democratic.

Muhtadi explained that the level of satisfaction with the democratic situation has declined in comparison with the results of a survey in November 2021, dropping from 77.3 percent to 72.9 percent. In concert with this, the level of dissatisfaction with the democratic situation has risen from 17.8 percent to 20 percent.

Last year, the Institute of Research, Education and Information on Social and Economic Affairs (LP3ES) also found that the public is becoming increasingly afraid of declaring or expressing themselves in public.

This is based on a survey conducted on April 8-15, 2021. LP3ES researcher Erwan Halil said that as many as 52.1 percent of people agree that the threats to civil freedoms have increased in concert with their fear of expressing an opinion, gathering publically or joining an association, as important foundations of freedom. (mts/isn)

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Survei: Unjuk Rasa Semakin Sulit, Aparat Semena-mena Tangkap Pedemo".]

Source: https://www.cnnindonesia.com/nasional/20220711172021-12-820096/survei-unjuk-rasa-semakin-sulit-aparat-semena-mena-tangkap-pedem