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Police beat protesters with rattan sticks at rally in Papua, two badly injured

CNN Indonesia - June 3, 2022

Jakarta – Two students were reportedly injured today when they were blocked by police during a long-march in the provincial capital of Jayapura opposing new autonomous regions (DOB) in Papua. The police meanwhile have denied this.

Papua human rights activist Younes Douw said that a large number of students and indigenous Papuans (OAP) took to the streets for the action on Friday June 3 and estimated that there were around 2,650 people.

"Around 650 students took to the streets today. Added to by the Papuan community of around 2,000 people", Douw told CNN Indonesia.

Douw said that the actions today were held at several different points in Jayapura such as Yahukimo, Waena and Abepura. Almost every single gathering point however, was blockaded by police.

"Like this morning there was a police blockade from Waena in the directing of Abepura", he said.

As of this morning, Douw said that two students were injured because of the repressive actions by police.

The two are Jayapura Science and Technology University (USTJ) student David Goo and Cendrawasih University (Unas) student Yebet Tegei. Both suffered serious head injuries.

"They were beaten using rattan sticks", he said.

Jayapura district police chief Assistant Superintendent Victor D Mackbon meanwhile dismissed the reports from the students saying it was a lie.

"It's a hoax. So please, if indeed they exist, they [should] report it. But if they don't exist, that means it's not true", Mackbon told CNN Indonesia.

The police had earlier prohibited the demonstration against new autonomous regions which was to be held as a long-march in Jayapura organised by the Papua People's Petition (PRP).

"We will conduct a sweep if there's a long-march, we will continue to use persuasion in facilitating it. Everyone has the right to convey a view or aspiration and it's regulated under law", Mackbon told journalists earlier on Wednesday June 1. (yla/gil)

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Demo Tolak DOB Diadang Aparat di Papua, Mahasiswa Luka Dipukul Rotan".]

Source: https://www.cnnindonesia.com/nasional/20220603082217-20-804232/demo-tolak-dob-diadang-aparat-di-papua-mahasiswa-luka-dipukul-rota