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No vaccine-related fatality in Indonesia so far: KIPI Commission

Antara News - January 2, 2022

Andi Firdaus, Fardah, Jakarta – The National Commission (Komnas) for KIPI (adverse event following immunization – AEFI) has said there has been no death caused by COVID-19 vaccination in Indonesia so far.

"As of November 30, 202, as many as 363 serious AEFIs have been reported in all provinces in Indonesia. However, there have been no deaths," Komnas KIPI Chairman Prof Hindra Irawan Satari said in a statement here on Saturday.

He issued the statement in response to news that two children had died after receiving COVID-19 vaccine in Jombang and Bone Districts respectively.

On behalf of the government, Safari expressed deep condolences for the deaths. The government hoped that such incidents would not happen again in the future, he added.

As a credible and independent institution, Komnas KIPI was tasked with conducting causal studies. Accurate, complete and fast reports can help to establish a diagnosis, according to him.

He said that he had carried out a joint audit with the local offices of Komnas KIPI and the local Health Offices on December 30, 2021. After being investigated, the results showed that both deaths were not related to the COVID-19 vaccination.

"The death case in Jombang District was concluded to be unclassifiable or having insufficient data. Meanwhile, the death in Bone District was because of congenital heart disease," he said.

Spokesperson for Vaccination of the Ministry of Health Siti Nadia Tarmizi said that anticipating the occurrence of AEFI is one of the government's focuses.

Hence, Komnas KIPI would always cooperate with the local KIPI offices to continue to monitor and provide education to the public, he said.

"For vaccination recipients who feel post-vaccination side effects, they can come directly to the health service facility where the vaccination was carried out to report. No conditions are needed," he said.

Source: https://en.antaranews.com/news/207413/no-vaccine-related-fatality-in-indonesia-so-far-kipi-commissio