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Indonesia ranked 9th most powerful country: Asia Power Index 2021

Tempo - December 7, 2021

Amelia Rahima Sari, Jakarta – Indonesia is ranked 9th most powerful country out of the 26 countries, according to the Lowy Institute's 2021 Asia Power Index with a score of 19.4 out of 100.

The study was conducted by the Lowy Institute, an independent, non-partisan international policy think tank based in Sydney, Australia. The Lowy Institute used eight indicators to measure the strongest countries in Asia.

Based on its page, the eight indicators are economic capability, military capability, resilience, future resources, economic relationships, defense networks, diplomatic influence, and cultural influence.

In the measure of economic capability, Indonesia scored 9.0 and was in 11th position, while in the military capability, it got 14.8 in 13th position.

The archipelago also scored 36.8 and was ranked 10th for resilience. As for the measure of future resources, it got 5th position with an 11.6 score.

Indonesia's overall score increased by two points from last year. In 2021, its diplomatic influence even surpassed Singapore as the most diplomatically influential player in Southeast Asia.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1536795/indonesia-ranked-9th-most-powerful-country-asia-power-index-202