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Police arrest spectator at National Games in Papua for wearing Morning Star T-shirt

Suara Papua - October 3, 2021

Maria Baru, Sorong – Frater Anton Syufi from the Order of Saint Augustine (OSA) was arrested by the Jayapura city district police on Sunday October 3 for wearing a Morning Star (BK) independence flag T-shirt while watching a soccer match between the Papua and East Nusa Tenggara National Games teams at the Mandala Stadium in Jayapura, Papua.

This was conveyed by Frater Kristianus Sasior, also from the OSA, who assisted Syufi at the Jayapura district police. Syufi, who was arrested at 4 am and detained until 7 pm, was finally released at 10 pm because police did not find any other issues to charge him with.

"The police said he was detained because he wore a BK T-shirt. The police said that he was disturbing the Papua PON XX [20th National Games]. There is a prohibition on wearing things with the BK design. Brother Frater Anton did not [show] it intentionally because he was wearing two layers of clothing", said Sasior.

"Right when his favourite team won he jumped up and down and opened his outer shirt so police saw the costume underneath with the BK design. In the end he was summoned and taken to the Jayapura city district police. The police said they are still waiting for the head of the intelligence unit to arrive so we are [also] still waiting", explained Sasior when contacted by Suara Papua by phone from Sorong on Sunday.A similar story was conveyed by Evenisus Kowawin who said that Syufi was detained for wearing Morning Star T-shirt while watching the soccer match.

"Frater Anton was arrested because he wore a BK shirt. Police saw the shirt then dragged him out, interrogated him then took him to the district police. He's currently still at the police [station]", explain Kowawin.

[Translated by James Balowski. Slightly abridged due to repetition. The original title of the article was "Pakai Baju Bintang Kejora Nonton Pertandingan PON, Seorang Frater Ditahan Polisi di Jayapura".]

Source: https://suarapapua.com/2021/10/03/pakai-baju-bintang-kejora-nonton-pertandingan-pon-seorang-frater-ditahan-polisi-di-jayapura