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Indonesian 'Silicon Valley' deemed a gimmick without 3 crucial aspects

Tempo - April 13, 2021

Bisnis.Com, Francisca Christy Rosana, Jakarta – West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil called for people to avert from hastily lauding the Algorithm Hill project in the province's Sukabumi area as the Indonesian 'Silicon Valley' as he believes the actual area in San Francisco is able to flourish in development due to the presence of three main factors comprising researchers, the industry supporting innovations, and financial institutions.

"If the three aspects are not present in one area then touting it as Silicon Valley is merely a branding gimmick," said Ridwan Kamil in Bandung on Monday, April 12.

He also calls for stakeholders of the 'algorithm hill' project to reflect on the aforementioned aspects before self proclaiming it as a local Silicon Valley.

Despite his criticism, governor Ridwan Kamil remains supportive of the development of this Indonesian research hub project, especially as it is planned to be built over West Java. "I intend to respond and support [the project]. But people must be careful before claiming it to be Silicon Valley," he said.

He asserts his utmost support once the project proves itself to have the three main components, such as research universities, an industry that takes the research into a finished product, and financiers or angel investors.

The algorithm hill will be built over a broad land area of 888 hectares and will be built in three stages with the first two stages slated to spend 6 years development while the third phase will last for 5 years. The government plans to establish research in cargo drones, passenger drones, and nano satellites.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1452042/indonesian-silicon-valley-deemed-a-gimmick-without-3-crucial-aspect