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Indonesian woman who claimed miraculous sexless pregnancy revealed to be knocked up by ex-husband

Coconuts Jakarta - March 1, 2021

Remember Siti Zainah, the woman from Cianjur, West Java who said she got pregnant without intercourse and gave birth after a one-hour gestation period? Turns out that the pregnancy was only as miraculous as childbirth ordinarily is, with the father of the child having come forward to claim the baby.

In mid-February, the 25-year-old widow from Cidaun district made a bizarre claim by telling local media outlets that she was lazing around in her living room when a gust of wind entered her vagina and impregnated her.

After around 15 minutes, Siti said she felt pain in her stomach before it grew bigger, as if she was really pregnant. Siti then gave birth to a baby girl at a nearby community clinic (Puskesmas) shortly after.

But her claims have been shot down by local officials as their investigation has revealed that Siti was impregnated by her ex-husband, who is identified by his initials MS.

"Her former husband has acknowledged his child," Cidaun district head Herlan said on Friday.

When news about Siti first broke out, authorities investigating the case had mentioned that Siti separated from her husband around four months ago. They officially have one child together, excluding the newborn.

Herlan has revealed that the couple went to see a midwife before their separation to check on the possibility of Siti's pregnancy in July of last year. However, the midwife wasn't able to confirm the status of her pregnancy at that time. Their lives went on as usual without any signs of Siti being pregnant until they decided to go their separate ways.

Police have questioned both Siti and MS, during which it was concluded that Siti was pregnant before their divorce was finalized.

If Siti genuinely didn't know that she was pregnant, then what she experienced was most likely a cryptic pregnancy, as previously laid out by Eman Sulaeman, the head of Cidaun's community clinic (Puskesmas). It's a condition where the mother isn't aware of her pregnancy until she goes into labor.

But there is still the possibility that Siti made up the bizarre story to avoid the stigma of having a child out of wedlock.

After all, Siti was not the only woman to claim instant pregnancy in Indonesia in the past couple of years. For example, in July of last year, a Tasikmalaya woman gave birth to a baby boy after a supposed one-hour gestation period, while a self-confessed virgin said she gave birth to her "magical baby" after a 3-hour pregnancy in 2017. In the latter's case, the woman and her family refused inspections from authorities.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/indonesian-woman-who-claimed-miraculous-sexless-pregnancy-revealed-to-be-knocked-up-by-ex-husband