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Indonesia sets record in daily coronavirus death toll

Jakarta Globe - January 27, 2021

Heru Andriyanto, Jakarta – Indonesia recorded 387 coronavirus-related deaths on Wednesday to mark the highest daily death toll since the outbreak started.

January has become the deadliest month in the outbreak with 6,717 deaths in the 27-day period. The previous record for the highest monthly death toll was 5,193 deaths reported in December.

The country has beaten its own record for the highest daily coronavirus death toll five times this month.

In another sad milestone, Central and West Java both reported more than 100 deaths in the past 24 hours. It's for the first time that more than one province has topped 100 Covid-19 deaths in a single day.

The actual death toll could be much higher than what is officially reported by the Health Ministry, as deaths from probable coronavirus cases aren't included in the government figures.

Thousands of deceased patients have been buried under the Covid-19 protocol for cautions across the country despite not being registered as Covid deaths.

There have been 11,948 new cases of coronavirus in the 24-hour period, bringing the country's total to 1,024,298. Indonesia is the 19th country in the world to have topped 1 million coronavirus cases, according to the tally by US-based Johns Hopkins University.

Jakarta is home to 25 percent of the total number of cases countrywide, having recorded 256,416 cases as of Wednesday, including 4,111 deaths.

Newly cases in the capital city have been in downward trend in the last five days, but it still averaged 2,900 cases in the past week. Jakarta has added 72,681 cases since January 1.

West Java is currently in its worst week ever with daily coronavirus cases topping 3,000 in the last two days. It recorded the highest daily rise of 3,924 cases on Tuesday, a level never seen in other provinces.

The country's most populous province has registered a total of 134,520 cases and 1,638 deaths since the outbreak started.

In Central Java, the daily numbers have topped 1,500 since January 15, taking its total to 120,001 cases. The province has recorded the second-highest coronavirus death toll, with a total of 5,238 deaths.

East Java has recorded the most coronavirus deaths, totaling 7,582 from 109,081 cases on Wednesday.

While the daily count has fallen in South Sulawesi, other hotspots continue to experience a surge in newly cases.

East Kalimantan sets a record for the highest daily number with 756 cases, bringing its total number of cases to 38,727.

Daily coronavirus cases have surpassed 500 in Bali for the second day in a row. The resort island now has a total of 24,880 cases.

Yogyakarta has added more than 8,300 cases month to date to take its total to 20,481. The province in southern Java has recorded more cases in the last 27 days than the overall number it has recorded between March and November, suggesting an ongoing dramatic surge in new infections.

Banten has been averaging 263 cases since the beginning of the month, in comparison to an average of 165 cases in December. It has recorded a total of 25,263 cases as of Wednesday.

Over the last two months, Banten has outpaced two provinces which have more cases overall, including Riau (28,577 cases) and West Sumatra (26,627).

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